Mitti Help - Changelog

Mitti 2.1.3 (04/05/2022 - Rev.924)


  • Playhead scrubbing problems with NMC
  • No audio on backup after pause with NMC
  • ESC should cancel editing on text fields
  • Cue Inspector does not refresh after deselecting all Cue with ESC
  • CMD+ESC quits Mitti from macOS Fullscreen state if Panic is activated already
  • Crash if file is disappearing from the playlist during playback

Mitti 2.1.2 (03/21/2022 - Rev.920)


  • Audio may de-sync over the time on Blackmagic Outputs
  • Playback is stuttering on the next loop of a looping video after changing the Video In time without rewind
  • Playlist Loop is broken when there is only one Cue
  • Video shows only the first frame on the first play in certain circumstances
  • On add, multi-page PDF files my display the wrong thumbnail
  • After disabling Loop on a Cue, the next Cue might "run out"
  • Crash when an imported still image has width or height over 16384 pixels
  • HAP thumbnail is upside-down sometimes
  • HAP files are darker
  • MTC/LTC sync does not play audio
  • Playhead location change by dragging does not synchronize on NMC Backups
  • Thumbnail aspect might wrong in Cue Inspector
  • Cannot playback audio although waveform is generated correctly in rare circumstances
  • Video shows only the first frame after changing Video In time multiple times in a row
  • Possible deadlock around starting/stopping playback in certain rare circumstances
  • Audio Waveform may stuck in "Generating Waveform" state in certain rare circumstances
  • Possible deadlock around switching Video Outputs in certain circumstances

Mitti 2.1.1 (02/24/2022 - Rev.894)


  • Playback may show only the last frame when replaying a Cue already played in a looping playlist
  • Playback of destination Cue of a Transition-to-Next-Item may stops when the transition finishes
  • Audio hiccup on the first play of a newly added video
  • Geometry & Color Controls does not update after playback is stopped in certain circumstances
  • Crash on Waveform generation in certain circumstances
  • Crash on adding a not decodable file
  • Crash on transcoding in certain circumstances
  • Playhead drawing is glitchy on processing Transition-to-Next-Cue
  • Crop should be transparent
  • Volume mount/unmount may popup the Demo window
  • Behaviour of Outpoint dragging is odd in certain circumstances
  • Crash with vMix Desktop Capture
  • Rendering glitch on Working Area when switching between Cues

Mitti 2.1 (02/10/2022 - Rev.881)


  • For smooth playback, we've implemented a new video buffering method
  • We have moved to a more modern audio API to better handle audio in certain formats
  • CUT/AUTO to a specified ATEM input or the Preview when a Cue ends with Pause at End
  • Added OSC Feedbacks /selectedCueID & /currentCueID
  • Improved performance on playout with Blackmagic & NDI Output


  • Stuttering playback
  • Crash on loading a project with Blackmagic or NDI output in certain circumstances
  • Crash on importing multiple files in certain circumstances
  • Cannot read audio track of some files
  • Hang on startup when an ATEM switcher is connected
  • Cue switching with LOAD is slow in certain circumstances
  • MittiQuicklook plugin crash
  • Rendering frame rate will be wrong after changing the number of Outputs in certain circumstances
  • When setting rendering FPS for multiple display type Outputs, the laptop screen is also calculated which could lead into problems
  • Setting Cue In time after the Out time results in a crash
  • Changing Audio Routing from Project to Custom does not working as expected
  • Dragging the In Time or Out Time marker may results to jumping to the next Cue suddenly
  • Setting Cue Out Time may results in jumping to an other Cue
  • Thumbnail may set to an other frame then expected
  • ATEM Trigger's Load-Next-Cue action is not processing as expected when a Cue is on pause-at-end state
  • No SDI sound when opening multichannel audio project in certain circumstances
  • Cue's audio meter does not clearing
  • UI is not resizable if the Inspector is closed
  • UI glitch with the Inspector & Playlist views
  • Launching Mitti with Outputs activated results in a black flash
  • Cannot transition to a missing Video Cue

Mitti 2.0.2 (12/23/2021 - Rev.841)


  • We are displaying a warning sign next to Trigger from ATEM Switcher, in case the ATEM Switcher drivers are not installed


  • Spanned output aspect ratio is incorrect on Display type Video Outputs
  • If Activate Outputs on Open is enabled, Main Display may losing Mouse cursor in certain circumstances
  • Span and Edge Blending is enabled in single-output configuration in certain circumstances
  • Crash on re-linking or transcoding files
  • Crash on changing count of Video Outputs
  • Preview gets stretched after disabling Span Across Displays
  • Deleting an NDI or BMD Output then calling undo makes rendering behave oddly
  • When you set Video Output Time to Playhead and Transition in enabled, Mitti jumps to the next Cue

Mitti 2.0.1 (12/16/2021 - Rev.833)


  • "Pixellated" rendering on Apple Silicon
  • Some BMD output modes are missing
  • CMD+U does not working as expected when the Current Cue is not selected
  • Crash on creating an NDI Cue in certain circumstances

Mitti 2.0 (12/14/2021 - Rev.830)

Initial release. Please check out the What's New article to find out what is new.

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