Mitti Help - Misc

System recommendations

Mitti is a Mac-only program. It requires Mac OS X 10.10 or higher, and will work on any Mac that can run 10.10.

Bundle Playlist & Relative File Paths

Mitti can collect all media files used in a Playlist to a single directory by using the Bundle Playlist command available from the File menu. With that command Mitti will create a directory with the name you give, places the project file inside that and also create a directory with the name "files" where the media files used by the project will be copied.

The project file saved this way will still use the media files from the original location, but if it won't be find them there, will look the files automatically inside the "files" folder.

This option is useful if you need to move your project between different computers.

This way you can also use relative file paths in a project, by placing your media files into a folder called "files" next to the project file (.mitti).

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