Mitti Help - Public Betas

Anyone can opt-in to receive public betas by enabling Beta Updates in Mitti's Preferences -> Misc, then Check for Updates... from the Mitti Menu.

Mitti 1.5.7 Public Beta

Mitti 1.5.7 is a minor update with enhancements and bug fixes.


  • Search by Cue Number (by typing numbers on the UI)
  • Video Cue In/Out points now have undo/redo functionality when set with keyboard shortcut
  • Added button to OSC Preferences to resend OSC feedback
  • Added OSC command /mitti/resendOSCFeedback to resend OSC feedback
  • Added OSC command /mitti/jumpToSelectedCue
  • Added OSC feedback /mitti/currentCueTRT
  • Added OSC /selected/ keyword to target the selected Cue.
  • Transition to Next Cue now processed as 100% on Pause at End (even if it is not)


  • Cannot replay the last Cue with ENTER
  • Jump to elsewhere after setting Video Out point
  • Transition to Next Cue and Pause at End breaks playback of next Cue
  • Crash when adding multiple files and some of them are unsupported
  • PDF Page settings do not restoring after load

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