Mitti Help - Public Betas

Anyone can opt-in to receive public betas by enabling Beta Updates in Mitti's Preferences- > Misc, then Check for Updates from the Mitti Menu.

Alternatively the current Beta version is also downloadable as a .zip package.

Mitti 1.2.4b

Enhanced Blackmagic Output performance

We've applied a couple of optimisations around managing the Blackmagic Output, so that should be even more smoother while using less resources from this release.

Transition toggle with OSC/UDP

Enabled the control and feedback of Transition toggle buttons by OSC/UDP.


  • Audio playback won't start on the next Cue when the Current Cue has Pause at End enabled
  • Rendering problems when changing a Cue's duration shorter than the time of Transition applied
  • After stopping the Playlist with Pause at End, the Current Cue may jump back a couple of frames
  • Some Cue Toggles won't send out their states with OSC feedback
  • Stuttering playback after triggering Cues on longer Playlists
  • Audio playback won't start on a Cue that has Pause at Beginning enabled
  • Some Audio Input Channels have not been listed as LTC source in certain circumstances
  • Stopping playback may not stop playback of the Current Cue in some very rare circumstances
  • Crash after relinking missing Video Cues on OSX 10.10 Yosemite
  • Starting the next Cue may fail when using MTC/LTC slave mode
  • Cannot initiate a Blackmagic Output after loading a project in certain circumstances
  • Errors when cannot initialise drawing of Overlays for whatever reason
  • Blackmagic Output is stuttering in some circumstances

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