Mitti 2.8 released

Hi, there! We are happy to announce the newest update for Mitti - version 2.8, that brings some exciting new features and improvements!

What's New?

Playback Speed control for Video Cues

Mitti 2.8 adds the possibility for Video Cues to change the playback speed as percent:

  • 100% is the normal speed
  • 50% means half speed
  • 200% means double speed

Whenever you change playback speed, In/Out points automatically adopt to the new times they need to use.

Playback speed is also changeable thru OSC with the /mitti/{cuenumber}/playbackSpeed OSC message.

10 bit rendering

Now you can choose 10 bit rendering in Preferences - Rendering instead of the standard 8 bit rendering mode, for a much wider color range, but of course this requires a bit more processing power.

This option is absolutely useful if your video displays color gradients, that may results in artifact called "banding" in 8 bit rendering mode because the narrower limited number of shades can't always render subtle differences in tone:

  • An 8-bit video can display up to 256 shades of each of the red, green, and blue channels. This means it can represent approximately 16.7 million colors in total (256×256×256).
  • A 10-bit video can display up to 1024 shades of red, green, and blue. This results in over 1 billion colors (1024×1024×1024), offering a much wider color range.

To leverage the wider color range of 10 bit rendering, your source media files should use 10 bit color depth too. These codecs are supported for video:

  • ProRes
  • HEVC

For still images you can use:

  • HEIF
  • TIFF

With NDI, Mitti is sending out and receive P216 frames, which are 16 bit YUV frames as NDI is either 8 bit ot 16 bit. With Blackmagic output, with most cards 10 bit YUV rendering is supported, but best to check your device's specification. However, for key & fill outputs thru a Blackmagic card only 8 bit is supported yet. This means, if you want to render in 10 bit mode with alpha, only Syphon is capable to do that for now.

Mitti does convert between 8 and 10 bit vice and versa on the fly, but it's worth noting if you have only 8 bit sources in your playlist, 10 bit rendering won't give you any upsides.

Downmix Multi-channel audio to Stereo

The Output Channels popup in *Audio Output Preferences now has a new option: Stereo. When using this option, Mitti automatically downmixes multi-channel audio to stereo, which could be useful in many situations.

Further channel routing doesn't possible with this option selected - you need to select a number of discrete channels in order to be able to route audio channels.

Interact with Browser Cues

Now you can interact with Browser Cues. Click on the little hand icon on the Inspector, then Mitti will display the browser in a Window for you - you can click on cookie banners, buttons, scroll or login if need. When you're ready, just close the window to quit from interaction mode.

Get and Edit Start Time of Subtitles

Mitti now display the Start Time of a Subtitle Track in a textfield - and in the same field, you can also change it if needed by typing the needed timecode, or you can set it to the current playhead location.

Media Info Panel

There is a new Inspector Panel called Media Info that displays useful information about the current cue.

Track and auto-update location changes for file based Media

So you need to rename your files, or move to a different location on your local hard drive? Nevermind about missing files anymore, Mitti will track and update paths automagically!

New OSC Function

Now it's possible to toggle Video Outputs and get OSC feedback from it's state:

  • /mitti/toggleVideoOutputs
  • /mitti/videoOutputsOn
  • /mitti/videoOutputsOff

Other Misc Additions

  • Rendering of .mp4 files is more optimal from now.
  • Rendering performance on Blackmagic and NDI Outputs is increased.
  • The "Show in Finder..." option is now available from the right-click menu of Cues.
  • Enhanced logging capabilities.
  • Enhanced User-Agent representation for the Browser Cue.

Get it now!

Mitti 2.8 is a free update for existing customers with a Mitti 2.0 compatible license, so grab it while it is hot – use the built-in updater or just download the latest version from the website.

Thanks to everyone for the submitted bug reports and feature requests, and also thanks for all your help with testing out the beta builds!

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!