Mitti Help - License Management

Lost License?

You can retrieve your serial number on your FastSpring Order Account Page. Use your e-mail address associated with your license number to login.

License Information

You can list the computers associated with your license as well as the basic license info on your License Account page.

License upgrade

If you need to increase the allowed number of computers with your license, you can purchase more seats on your License Account page.

Computer deactivation

If you are no longer need your license on a computer - e.g. you want to move your license to a new computer - you should deactivate it. The computer needs to be connected to the internet - just like it needed the internet access for activation.

The Deactivate Online command is available from the Registration... panel you can find in the Mitti menu.

If you forgot to deactivate your copy but wiped out the hard drive, you will be able to re-activate your license key on that computer again and it won't count as a new activation, since Activations are computer-dependent. Once you re-activated your copy, you can properly deactivate to move your license to an other computer.

If your computer has been broken and stolen, the License Account page offers a limited number of Emergency Deactivations.

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