Mitti Help - License Management

Lost License?

You can retrieve your serial number on your FastSpring Order Account Page. Use your e-mail address associated with your license number to login.

License Information

You can list the computers associated with your license as well as the basic license info on your License Account page.

License upgrade

If you need to increase the allowed number of computers with your license, you can purchase more seats on your License Account page.

Computer deactivation

If you are no longer need your license on a computer - e.g. you want to move your license to a new computer - you should deactivate it. The computer needs to be connected to the internet - just like it needed the internet access for activation.

The Deactivate Online command is available from the Registration... panel you can find in the Mitti menu.

If you forgot to deactivate your copy but wiped out the hard drive, you will be able to re-activate your license key on that computer again and it won't count as a new activation, since Activations are computer-dependent. Once you re-activated your copy, you can properly deactivate to move your license to an other computer.

If your computer has been broken and stolen, the License Account page offers a limited number of Emergency Deactivations.

Dongle License

In Mitti 2, you can transfer seats of a perpetual license to an USB thumb drive of your choice, to create an USB Dongle, that when you plug in to a computer it makes Mitti 2 registered - until you plug it off.

The USB drive needs to have a unique serial number, and it should use APFS file system - prerequisite to use APFS file system is to use GUID partition table.

Making a Dongle

To make a Dongle, your computer should has a Mitti 2 perpetual license installed, and be online. Then select the Registration... option from the Mitti menu, and then click on the Manage Dongle License button.

Once you clicked on the Manage Dongle License button, you will be asked to re-type your license key for verification purpose. After that, you need to select the destination USB thumb drive from the popup button.

Clicking the Install button, then after you accepted the terms - If the USB drive is lost, stolen or erased, your license seat will be lost forever. ⚠️ - one of your free license seats will be transferred to your USB thumb drive - this creates a Mitti License Dongle folder on the root directory. You shall not delete or modify this folder or your license will be lost forever! ⚠️

Remove the license from a Dongle

The process is the same as the making, but once you selected the thumb drive from the list that contains your license already, click on the Remove button to remove it from the Dongle and set it back to your license key as a free slot.

What else you need to know

  • To make a Dongle or remove a license from a Dongle you need an activated computer that has been activated with the same license key.
  • One license key should always remain for computer activation, so you could manage your Dongles with that.
  • Mitti only starts to use the Dongle, if the computer has not an activated license already.
  • One Dongle cannot hold multiple license keys or seats.
  • You cannot make a Dongle from a Rental License.
  • The Emergency Deactivate option is not available for Dongles.


If you purchased our Mitti 2 rental license 5 times ( from the same e-mail address or from within the same company), e would be happy to give you a perpetual license in exchange, since you already spent as much on licensing Mitti as a perpetual license.

However, this is not an automated process yet, so if you think you already meet with the conditions, please contact us with the details of your previous orders.

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