Mitti Help - Troubleshooting

Answers to common technical problems.

Troubleshooting Blackmagic devices

Device does not recognised

All Blackmagic devices required drivers to operate, so first of all please install the latest version of Blackmagic Desktop Video driver, which you can found here.

No input from the device

Blackmagic devices have multiple input formats, but usually only one fed with input stream - the format of video you are sending to the device, for example 720p60. Some devices like the UltraStudio Mini Recorder supports auto-detecting of the input format, so Mitti can automatically select the corresponding format for you, but others are don't - that case you need to select the correct format yourself manually using the Format Popup.

An other possible problem could be HDCP, so make sure you are not trying to send a HDCP protected signal to your Blackmagic device.

Device does not reconnect correctly

When you have multiple Camera Cues linked to multiple Blackmagic devices it is possible Mitti won't be able to reconnect them as expected.

Most of the Blackmagic products does not have a unique ID which is identifies the device, and without these information Mitti won't be able to restore the connection with the device. It will try to match the device you used last time, but in case you have multiple Blackmagic devices but the same model, its almost impossible to identify them across device connections, system reboots, etc.


Long Video Cues with audio loading very slowly

There is a known bug which exists on Mac OSX 10.10 thru macOS 10.12 with the Audio APIs we are using which results in very slow opening of video Cues that are long (>5 minutes) and contains PCM audio data. We are waiting for Apple to fix that problem.

Possible workaround: Mitti 1.1.2 added an option to always transcode audio to AAC, even if the audio format of the video is natively supported by Mitti. This can help with long and slowly loading Video Cues.

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