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Vezér 1.8b

IMPORTANT: Vezér 1.8 requires at least Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan.

Default Interpolation

Yes, this is now possible! You can set the default interpolation for new Keyframes created manually or by recording in the Preferences.

Faster Audio Track initialisation

We build a caching mechanism around extracting data from audio files to draw the audio waveforms, so opening projects with long and/or multiple Audio Tracks are up to 4 times faster from now!

Audio Track Naming

When you drag&drop and audio file from Finder to create an Audio Track, the Track name will be the name of the file.

Show in Finder for Audio Tracks

Now there is a Show in Finder... option in the right-click menu of Audio Tracks.


  • Deadlock when cannot set the channel mapping of an Audio Track
  • Keyframes may send out values during editing even if their Track is disabled
  • Display problems with DMX Output Monitor when using a non-zero Sub-Net

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