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Vezér 1.8b

IMPORTANT: Vezér 1.8 requires at least Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan.

Multi-Channel Audio Support

Vezér 1.8 now supports multi-channel audio files and makes audio channel mapping even better.

In Preferences... - Audio now you have a new section called Channel Mapping where Device Output will be listed for the Project's Default device and you can re-map them if needed by simply edit the text fields.

By default, the 1st channel of the audio will be assigned to the 1st output of the device, the 2nd to the 2nd, and so on.

On the Eject Button's previous place there is a new button to open the Audio Track Preferences window.

On the Display Channel popup you can select which audio channel from the file should be used to display the audio waveform - also this channel will be used for the Audio to Keyframes feature.

You can also set the Channel Mapping here too in case you select an other output than Project's Default.

Aggregate Audio devices: Vezér's Audio Engine does not yet support Aggregate Audio devices created in macOS's Audio/MIDI Setup, due a known issue with the underlying Apple technology we are using to handle audio.

Faster Audio Track initialisation

We build a caching mechanism around extracting data from audio files to draw the audio waveforms, so opening projects with long and/or multiple Audio Tracks are up to 4 times faster from now!

Audio Track Naming

When you drag&drop and audio file from Finder to create an Audio Track, the Track name will be the name of the file.

Show in Finder... for Audio Tracks

Now there is a Show in Finder... option in the right-click menu of Audio Tracks.

OSC Query enhancements

The OSC Query window got some long-awaited refreshments:

  • Now there is an Outline View to display the OSC addresses,
  • the window is resizable vertically,
  • and the Search field won't be cleared after reloading a server.

Default Interpolation

Yes, this is now possible! You can set the default interpolation for new Keyframes created manually or by recording in the Preferences.

GRB and GBR Pixel Format Support

Art-Net Color Tracks now support GRB and GBR pixel formats on output.

Feedback / Support

Now its even easier to contact us, there is an option in the Help menu, called Contact Support...

This is pretty cool since the form collects almost all data we need to investigate a possible problem, like computer parameters and console logs.

Beta Updates

Now you can opt-in to receive public betas by enabling Beta Updates in Vezér's Preferences... , then Check for Updates from the Vezér Menu.


  • OSC Grouping does not processed if not all parameters are changing
  • Deadlock when cannot set the channel mapping of an Audio Track
  • Keyframes may send out values during editing even if their Track is disabled
  • Display problems with DMX Output Monitor when using a non-zero Sub-Net
  • Crash on starting Record in certain circumstances
  • RGBW color data calculated incorrectly
  • Crash on saving a Project in certain circumstances
  • Cue actions are ignoring the "Process Last Keyframe on Jump" preference
  • OSC Flags may display different values than the flag will actually send
  • In certain circumstances, the first few frames won't be processed when launching the next Composition in Queue mode

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