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Anyone can opt-in to receive public betas by enabling Beta Updates in Vezér's Preferences... -> Misc, then Check for Updates from the Vezér Menu.

Alternatively the current Beta version is also downloadable from

Vezér 1.8.1 Public Beta

Vezér 1.8.1 is a minor release with bug fixes and small improvements.

Target all Compositions with OSC

Added a new special keyword /all/ to target all Compositions with incoming OSC commands.

For example the /vezer/all/rewind command rewinds all Compositions.

JSON Keyframe Import improvements

The JSON Keyframe Import feature now supports interpolations by using the "interpolations" key, that requires a string type parameter. Possible values are listed here.

Render to XML improvements

The Render to XML feature now exports the interpolation type of Keyframes.


  • Cannot undo Keyframe movements
  • Registered computer may deactivate suddenly
  • XML Rendering may not write incorrect Process tags for Art-Net Color Tracks
  • XML Rendering does not handle 16bit Art-Net

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