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License Management

To de-activate a computer associated with your license and free-up an activation slot, you need to log in to the license manager using your Order ID and e-mail address:

Your can find your Order ID in the subject line of the fulfillment e-mail. If you lost your fulfillment e-mail, please let us know, so we can resend it to you.

After login, you will see the computers currently associated with your license. The de-activate any of them, move your mouse over the "Active" field, and click on de-activate.

Activation problems

In case you cannot activate your copy because there are no more seats available, but the License Manager says you have free activation slots, please try empty the cache of Vezér on your computer. To do this:

  • Open Finder and select Go... > Go to Folder
  • Type in ~/Library/Caches and hit Enter
  • Move the com.lov.Vezer directory to the Trash, then empty the Trash

I lost my license. What should I do?

Drop us a message with your order details (e-mail or Order ID).

Download Legacy Versions

Here you can find legacy versions for older OS X versions.

Vezér 1.7.8

Latest version that supports OS X 10.10 -> Download

Vezér 1.5.3

Latest version that supports OS X 10.7 -> Download


Latest version that supports OS X 10.6 -> Download

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