10 Year Anniversary

This year is Imimot’s 10 year anniversary! It’s nice to celebrate, by taking a few minutes to review the past and reflect.

I founded the company in 2013 when my 2nd app called Vezér released. Vezér is something like a timeline based multi-protocol sequencer - it can send data while moving on a timeline.

Before that, I was working for a local company as an IT guy and in my free time I created a VJ software called CoGe.

So in 2013 I thought what if I’d go on my way, create a one-man company and try to work only on my two apps - that would be the “dream job”! So, whilts I was a little nervous about that decision, finally I made that step.

Then, a couple of years later I had an idea: make a simple yet powerful video player app, that could be a great companion of Vezér - and that’s basically how Mitti was born.

Ten years later, Imimot is going stronger then ever. Although I’m still the only one employee, I’m lucky to work together with very talented freelancers, and make great software for you!

So, Looking forward to another 10 years! :)

Speaking of celebration, we have a great deal until the end of the weekend - everyone can save 30% with new licenses and additional seats, and we have a very special deal too: Mitti v1 to v2 upgrades now with 50% off!

Awesome! When the offer ends?

Sale ends on 18th of September, 2023, Midnight. (UTC timezone!).

What is on sale?

  • All Mitti licenses - including extra seats for your existing license as well with 30% off!
  • All Vezér licenses with 30% off!
  • Mitti v1 to v2 upgrades with 50% off!

How do I get the discount?

Discounts are automatically calculated on checkout.

What about the educational discount?

You cannot combine them, sorry. 30% is still pretty cool, right? :)

Can you please extend the discount, because... ?

No. The sale is over, sorry. See you next time!

I still have something to ask.

Great, contact us!