Farewell from CoGe

Hi, there! This is Tamás from Imimot. More than a year passed since my last post about how development is going, describing what are the technical difficulties and why there such a big delay in shipping v2.0.

I'm afraid there were no really big steps forward since then, and now it is clear the only way to get rid of CoGe's Quartz Composer dependencies and leverage the power of new technologies is to rebuild the application from the ground up.

However, building such an application from scratch would require at least a couple of years of development, and I'm already years behind the original schedule of v2. This means a lot of development time wasted too, which is a big problem for a small company like Imimot.

To be honest, CoGe never was a financially sustainable project, but my lovechild - it is the reason why I started to develop apps for the Mac at the first place. Many friends, many great moments from both my personal and professional life are connected to this little app in some way - so we really have a lot of history together.

But I had to make the difficult and sad decision to stop development on v2, because of the above reasons. It sucks, but I feel this is the only reasonable choice, and I'm really sorry to not be able to ship v2 for you as promised.

Your existing CoGe license will be remain working of course, but please keep in mind CoGe does not working on anything newer then Mac OSX 10.14 Mojave. You can download the latest version here.

Finally, thanks again for being with us over the years, using CoGe - please keep rocking it until your computer allows it!