Version 2.5.6 Release Notes

The easy-to-use yet powerful video cue software for macOS

Mitti is a modern, feature-packed but easy-to-use pro video cue playback solution for live events and exhibitions.

Nice, easy and powerful

Mitti has a clear, intuitive, uncluttered user interface with an easy to learn and use workflow. Runs natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel Macs, and renders smoothly using the power of the Metal rendering technology. Outputs to Screens, Blackmagic Design cards & NDI, and remote controllable in various ways - even from an ATEM Switcher! Mitti, a smart and easy to use video cue playback software

Works the way you want

Mitti gives you many options to control how a Cue should be played, like looping for a given number of times, then transition to another Cue - or just hold on the last frame, and wait until you hit Enter on the Cue that should be played next. It is really up to you!
  • Per-Cue Options
    • Pause at Beginning or at the End.
    • Fade In or Out.
    • "Goto" a specific clip, with or without a transition.
    • Loop infinitely or for a given number of times.
    • Plus the mixture of the these options.
    • You can set the defaults in Mitti's Preferences.
  • Lots of additional handy features.
    • Subtitle / Closed caption rendering on outputs.
    • Audio Level meter & Waveform view.
    • Custom Title & Cue ID.
    • Color Tags & Notes
  • By the way, Mitti can play
    • Videos, Still Images & PDF Files.
    • Audio Files.
    • Web pages.
    • Windows of other apps running on your computer.
    • NDI & Syphon Servers.
    • Cameras. Including native Blackmagic support.
Mitti - Various Cue playback options

Cue Inspector

Mitti - Cue Inspector

With the Cue Inspector, useful media information and controls of the selected Cue are at hand, when you need it. If you select multiple Cues, the Inspector allows you to change common controls for all of them.

    • With a custom Cue ID, you can type-to-search for a specific Cue, or send OSC to specifically that Cue - it also makes a Cue more recognizable when setting Goto targets.
    • The Cue Inspector is also the place where you can set the Play Count for Looping Cues, and when you want to change the name of a Cue - or write a Note for it!
    • You can easily trim your videos here, by setting the in/out points to the playhead.
    • Color Tags can be useful for grouping Cues visually.
    • Additionally, this place also provides a bigger thumbnail.
    • You can select the subtitle file or track to use with video.
    • Geometry Controls.
    • Color Controls.
    • Transition & Fade In/Out Settings.
    • Audio Volume & Routing.

Waveform & Audio Normalization

The Waveform view gives you a visual overview of audio data, and can mark possible encoding issues. Above the Waveform view you can set In & Out points by simply dragging the throttles on both sides. Audio Normalization - Mitti can automatically adjust volumes for consistent loudness with other Cues.
Mitti - The Waveform View


Mitti integrates great in your existing workflow - it can act like a Blackmagic Design HyperDeck device, and can be triggered from an NDI receiver or from an ATEM switcher!

Mitti can trigger video playback when the connected ATEM switcher selected the given input, and act as you like when that input deselects - it can load the next Cue, pause, rewind or just keep playing. Besides of that, it can also CUT/AUTO to Preview or a specified input on your ATEM switcher when a Cue ends.

Mitti supports the Blackmagic HyperDeck protocol, so you can control it from the ATEM Software Control application for example, just like a regular Hyperdeck device.

It is also possible to trigger playback when Mitti's NDI Output is selected to Program and specify what Mitti should do when the receiver deselects Mitti's NDI Output from Program.
ATEM, HyperDeck & NDI integration

Remote controllable by MIDI / OSC / DMX


Mitti supports MMC, MSC as well as "musical" MIDI control.


Mitti has an extensive OSC API, provides OSC feedback and also supports OSC Query.


You can even control Mitti from a lighting desk thru Art-Net.

Timecode Input

Mitti's playback engine can be easily set to follow an external MTC (MIDI Timecode) or LTC (Linear Timecode) SMPTE timecode source to make tight sync with any software or hardware timecode generators, show control solutions or even DAWs.

Switching between Mitti's robust internal clock or a timecode source to drive playback is just a click away, but Mitti also supports Jam-Sync.

Multi-type & Multi-screen Video Output

Mitti supports fullscreen output on multiple displays, to Blackmagic Decklink & Ultrastudio cards, NDI or Syphon receivers - all with individual 4-corner warping on each output and edge blending settings. Managing double- or triple-wide outputs has never been so easy!


Creating multi-screen video outputs in a matter of seconds.

SDI Playout with Key/Fill

Mitti can transmit video data to any Blackmagic DeckLink compatible device that supports outputs.

NDI Output

Mitti can also broadcast video data to the local network for NDI compatible devices.

Timecode & Subtitle Overlays

Display the Cue remaining and Cue elapsed times on one or more outputs, as well as subtitles/closed captions.

Color Matte

Display transparent areas using a Matte color on outputs.

Corner pinning & Edge Blending

Helps you to create a seamless, unified image across displays.

And a whole lot more!

Multi-channel audio

Mitti supports playback of multi-channel audio content.

Native Blackmagic & NDI audio

Mitti also sends audio data on Blackmagic & NDI Video Outputs automatically.

Network Sync

Multiple Mitti instances on the local network can be synced easily with our in-house NMC protocol.

Transcode to ProRes/HAP

Transcode to any last-minute files to ProRes or HAP by a single click.

Drag & Drop

Just drop your movie files or even folders to create Cues.

Easy Cue Reordering

As simple as dragging a Cue to a new location.

Goto 10/20/30

Easily jump to the last part of a Cue.

Bundle Playlist

Export your playlist with all content to move to an other computer.

Main Fader

Makes you able to fade-out or fade-in the Playlist.

Checkerboard Preview background

Checkerboard background on Preview helps visualize movies with Alpha-Channels.

Syphon Output

Mitti can also send its Outputs to Syphon receivers.

Prevent Display Mirroring

Mitti has an option to override macOS's Display Mirroring to make your setup easier.

Apple Afterburner card

Mitti supports Apple's Afterburner card for hardware-accelerated ProRes video playback.

Legendary support

We are always here to help when you need it - we aim to get back to all messages within 24 hours but we're usually much faster!



  • The low-cost way for short runs.
  • Activates 2 computers.
  • Supports Rent-to-Own.
  • Starts from $79.8 (+ TAX) per license.


  • The classic, non-expiring license.
  • Activates 2 or more computers.
  • Supports Dongle Licensing.
  • Starts from $399 (+ TAX) per license.

Try before buy

Because you receive your license by email it is impossible to return this so your payment is not refundable. Please try out the demo before you buy and make sure Mitti is the right tool for you.

Upgrade from Mitti 1.x

If you have a Mitti license key already, head over to Your Account page to see the upgrade option - 50% off from the retail price. In case you purchased Mitti in 2021, your license key is already Mitti 2 compatible!

Educational discount

We do offer 30% discount for students, teachers and schools. Please send us a proof of your academic status (such as photo of your Student ID, or by emailing from your academic address) for assistance.