Version 1.5.17 Release Notes

The easy-to-use yet powerful video cue software for Mac OS

Mitti is a modern, feature-packed but easy-to-use pro video cue playback solution for live events, theatre, audiovisual shows, performances and exhibitions.

Nice, easy and powerful

Mitti has a clear, intuitive, uncluttered user interface with an easy to learn and use workflow, on top of the modern, 64bit, low-latency audio and a really powerful GPU-accelerated video playback engine driven by it's robust, SMPTE-time-speaking internal clock. Mitti, a smart and easy to use video cue playback software

Various Cue Types & Cue-level Preferences

You can create Cues in Mitti from video and still image files of course, audio files, as well as a rich-set of inputs, including Cameras, Syphon and NDI sources. Cues have their individual geometry, color, video effect, audio output and transition settings.
  • Cue Types
  • Cue Preferences
    • Color Controls.
    • Video Effects.
    • Transitions.
    • Movie In/Out Points.
    • Audio Channel Routing.

Works the way you want

Playlist Preferences
In Mitti's Playlist Preferences you can define default times for Fade-In/Outs and Transitions, as well as the default SMPTE format and SMPTE offset.

Besides of that, Mitti also allows you to define default states for Cues that match your workflow. Always want to apply Transitions or Fade-Ins? Need to always stop playback once a Cue has been finished? Not a problem, you can set that for your Cues globally and - of course - also individually.
All of this can be stored as "defaults", so new projects can inherit all of these settings.

Mitti can run thru the whole playlist automatically, but you can set stop points at the beginning or end of each Cue - or even trigger Cues manually, using the arrow keys and Enter.

Multi-screen Video Output

Mitti supports fullscreen output on multiple displays, with individual 4-corner warping on each output and edge blending settings. Managing double- or triple-wide outputs never been so easy before!


Creating multi-screen video outputs in a matter of seconds.

Corner Pinning

Perspective correct corner-pinning to adjust each outputs.

Edge Blending

Helps you to create a seamless, unified image across displays.

Other outputs

Of course Mitti not just able to output to screens, but also supports various other protocols in the same time.


A Syphon output automatically created and managed by Mitti.

SDI Playout with Key/Fill

Mitti can transmit video data to any Blackmagic DeckLink compatible device that supports outputs.

NDI Output

Mitti can also broadcast video data to the local network for NDI compatible devices.

Remote controllable by MIDI / OSC / DMX

Mitti is remote controllable by MMC (MIDI Machine Control) and MSC (MIDI Show Control) commands as well as hardware and software MIDI controllers, has an extensive OSC API and also remote controllable by Art-Net (DMX over Ethernet) - you can even use a presentation clicker to switch between Cues!


Mitti supports MMC, MSC as well as "musical" MIDI control.


Mitti has an extensive OSC API, provides OSC feedback and also supports OSC Query.


You can even control Mitti from a lighting desk thru Art-Net.

Timecode Input

Mitti's playback engine can be easily set to follow an external MTC (MIDI Timecode) or LTC (Linear Timecode) SMPTE timecode source to make tight sync with any software or hardware timecode generators, show control solutions or even DAWs.

Switching between Mitti's robust internal clock or a timecode source to drive playback is just a click away, but Mitti also supports Jam-Sync.
Timecode input

And a whole lot more!

Multi-channel audio

Mitti supports playback of multi-channel audio content.

Network Sync

Multiple Mitti instances on the local network can be synced easily with our in-house NMC protocol.

Transcode to ProRes/HAP

Transcode to any last-minute files to ProRes or HAP by a single click.

Drag & Drop

Just drop your movie files or even folders to create Cues.

Easy Cue Reordering

As simple as dragging a Cue to a new location.

Cue Time Overlays

Display the elapsed and remaining Cue time on the Preview.

Goto 10/20/30

Easily jump to the last part of a Cue.

Playlist Looping

Yes, of course the Playlist is loop-able.

Pause between Cues

Wait for triggering the next Cue.

Bundle Playlist

Export your playlist with all content to move to an other computer.

Main Fader

Makes you able to fade-out or fade-in the Playlist.

Cue Fades

Each Cue can be set to Fade-in and -out to black individually.

Cue Looping

Each Cue can be set to loop indefinitely.

Apple Afterburner card

Mitti supports Apple's Afterburner card for hardware-accelerated ProRes video playback.

GPU-Accelerated Video Effects

Mitti comes with over 100 ISF video effect.

GPU-Accelerated Transitions

Mitti comes with over 30 ISF video transitions.

Plays nice with Vezér

Need a timeline? Mitti and Vezér are best-friends.

Legendary support

We are always here to help when you need it - we aim to get back to all messages within 24 hours but we're usually much faster!



  • The low-cost way for short runs.
  • Activates 2 computers.
  • Starts from $79 (+ TAX) per license.


  • The classic, non-expiring license.
  • Activates 2 computers.
  • Starts from $299 (+ TAX) per license.

Try before buy

Because you receive your license by email it is impossible to return this so your payment is not refundable. Please try out the demo before you buy and make sure Mitti is the right tool for you.

Site & Custom Licenses

We offer site licenses and custom licenses that allows more than 2 computers. This is not an automated process, please contact us for details.

Educational discount

We do offer 30% discount for students, teachers and schools. Please send us a proof of your academic status (such as photo of your Student ID, or by emailing from your academic address) for assistance.