Version 1.9.6 Release Notes

Timeline based MIDI/OSC/DMX sequencer for audiovisual artists

Vezér enables control and synchronisation of any MIDI, OSC or DMX enabled environments - realtime video softwares, lighting rigs, etc. - through the use of timeline based automations.

A nice and user-friendly interface

Vezér has a clear, uncluttered user interface with an intuitive, easy to learn and use workflow. Vezér, the timeline and control software

Multiple Compositions

You can use one or more Composition per project.

Various Track Types

MIDI, OSC, DMX or Audio Tracks in each Composition.


Create Cues in any Composition to make smaller scenes.

Composition Queue

Compositions can run freely or one by one in a Queue.

Interpolated Keyframes

30+ built-in interpolation type.

Interoperable Keyframes

You can even copy-paste Keyframes between different Track types.

Remote Controllable

Vezér is remote-controllable by any MIDI or OSC controller.

Behaviour Preferences

Rich set of workflow behaviour settings are available.


Vezér's Composition-level Cue system allows you to break a Composition into smaller parts for easier management. A Cue could be a simple Marker or a Stop Cue even with looping options.
There are 2 types of Cues Vezér. A Cue with light-gray color represents a Marker Cue, while a Cue with aquamarine color represents a Stop Cue.

Any Cue can be set to Play Once, Loop a given number of times or Loop Indefinitely.

It is also possible to jump between Cues, or jump to or play a specific Cue using Vezér's extensive OSC API.


MIDI type Tracks in Vezér allows sending of MIDI signals to any MIDI targets like realtime-video apps, lighting desk or even sound equipment. Vezér can also record incoming MIDI messages in realtime.
MIDI Tracks
With a MIDI CC Track you can control the value of a Control Change (CC) parameter with various type of interpolations.

A MIDI Notes Track let you send multiple MIDI Note Ons and Offs like triggers, even with custom velocity set for each Note.


With OSC Tracks in Vezér you can send various types of messages to destinations even on a network. OSC Tracks are also available to send multiple values and you can even group the same types together to be sent as a single message. Vezér also provides a helpful OSC Preset system. Vezér can record incoming OSC messages too, in realtime.
OSC Value Tracks can send varying and constant Float, Integer and Bool values within a user-defined range.

OSC Flag Tracks are super-useful to send out OSC commands like triggers, and they supports constant values even with multiple types.

OSC Color Tracks are designed to send out color data in various formats: OSC Color Standard, Integer or Float arrays or even multiple messages per color.

OSC Tracks


Vezér supports playback of audio files in various format, mono, stereo as well as multi-channel, even by extracting audio from video. Besides that the application also let you convert the peak of the audio file to convert pretty easily and even with filtering applied.

Audio Playback

Playback of any number of audio files per Composition in various formats

Audio Routing

Select destination audio device and mono or stereo channels

Audio to Keyframes

Convert audio to Keyframes even with filtering applied

DMX / Art-Net

The Art-Net Value and Art-Net Color Type Tracks in Vezér allows you to send DMX signals over Ethernet to multiple universes and control lighting rigs and other DMX capable environments, moreover recording of DMX data on a single universe is also supported.

Art-Net Tracks

Send multi-channel color data or single channel values with various interpolations

Art-Net Record

Realtime recording of incoming DMX data into Keyframes

DMX Soft Patching

The built-in Soft Patch tool allows you to easily re-route outgoing DMX channels


When things comes down to synchronisation, Vezér can be act as the Master or the Slave, depends on your project and needs!
MTC and MMC output

Sync Output

Every Composition in your Vezér project can generate MIDI SMPTE Timecode (MTC) and MIDI Machine Control (MMC) messages to any MIDI targets to keep things in sync in your project's environment.

Sync Source

The playhead and playback tempo of any Vezér Composition can be synced to an external MIDI Clock or MIDI SMPTE Timecode (MTC) source, so playback of Compositions can be driven by other master devices.
MIDI Clock, SPP and MTC source

Import / Export

Vezér is smart enough to let you import and export various types of data for an ever more user-friendly workflow.

MIDI File Import

Import MIDI File to create MIDI Note and Value Tracks.

MIDI File Export

Export MIDI Note and Value Tracks to standard MIDI Files.

ASE File Import

Create Colors by importing Adobe® Color Swatches.

JSON Keyframe Data Import

Import Keyframe data from a JSON file.

Import from Vezér Project

Import Composition from your other Vezér Projects.

Export to XML

Export your project to a well-formated XML file.

Examples and tutorials

Vezér is coming with example projects files for common softwares: CoGe VJ, Resolume, Modul8, VDMX, Millumin, Processing, GrandVJ and SuperCollider, but of course its working with almost anything like MadMapper, Quartz Composer, Max/MSP, QLab, etc.
On the hardware-side, Vezér will work really well with any equipment that supports MIDI, OSC or DMX / Art-Net.


Our Vimeo album contains various examples.


You can find app-specific tutorials and info on our support site .

Vezér-powered projects

Check out our blog for a collection of stunning projects was created with the help of Vezér.

Legendary support

We are always here to help if you need - we aim to get back to all messages within 24 hours but we're usually much faster!