Mitti 2.0 released

Hello, there! Five years ago from today, we released Mitti, a new simple yet powerful video playout app for the Mac - and we had no idea that day how beloved & popular will this application be just a few of years later...

Today, we are happy to introduce you the latest and greatest version - Mitti 2.0!

What's New?

We have a very detailed What's New page in the Help section, be sure to check it out, but here are the highlights:


Mitti 2 is universal binary - it runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon chips, and the graphics rendering engine has been rewritten completely to leverage the power of Apple's Metal graphics technology. The licensing system now supports dongles, and there is a rent-to-own deal.

User Interface

With the new, 3 column layout the Cue Inspector with the preferences related to the Current or Selected Cues could be always visible. The interface now has an Audio Waveform view, VU meters for each Cue, and the Preview has a checkerboard background to show the alpha channel of Cues.

There are Color Tags, Notes, Play Count for Looping, Goto Cue and more - now you can even make a seamless loop with just 2 clicks!

Video & Audio Output

The biggest change with Video Outputs is, it now using the resolution you set to render the Cues, instead of their native resolution. This way rendering has a "canvas resolution", which makes sending NDI and Syphon more suitable.

The Video Output section is where you can add & manage NDI and Blackmagic outputs from now - you can have multiple of them, and they can render Time Overlays & Color Matte as well. Blackmagic outputs now sending native audio!


Mitti 2.0 integrates well with your existing workflow - it can act as a Hyperdeck, and can trigger Cues from an ATEM mixer - or from NDI!

Get it now!

Head over to the website to download Mitti 2.0.

Mitti 2.0 is a free update for existing customers who purchased Mitti in 2021 - your license key will activate Mitti 2.0 as well as version 1.5, and since activation is computer dependent, you can activate both on the same computer, it will only count as one.

For all other existing customers, you can upgrade your license in Your Account page, with 50% less then the retail price!

As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!