Mitti has arrived!

We are super-excited to let you know, Mitti is finally here! Mitti is a new video cue solution we have been working for almost 2 years. In a nutshell, it supports playback of various media types, can be sync-ed to timecode, can output to multiple displays and  does a lot of other things pretty nicely and easily. Please check out the details below.


Of course Mitti supports video and still image playback, but it also supports a lot of other media sources:

  • Cameras, capture cards, including any UVC-compliant USB devices, Blackmagic DeckLink compatible devices and even iPhones and iPads.
  • Syphon servers.
  • NDI™servers.

Remote controllable

Mitti is remote controllable by the following standard protocols:

  • MIDI Show Control (MSC), MIDI Machine Control (MMC), external MIDI controllers.
  • OSC. Mitti has a pretty nice OSC API, and provides an OSC Query Server. We have an example TouchOSC layout too!
  • DMX (Art-Net).

Can be driven by timecode

Mitti can be slaved to SMPTE timecode, both MTC (MIDI Timecode) and LTC (Linear timecode) are supported. This also means Mitti can work together with most major DAWs, and here are a couple of examples:


Mitti can handle multi-display outputs, even spanning to multiple screens, with screen-level corner pinning and edge blending. On the top of that, it also:

  • support audio-channel routing.
  • provided a Syphon output automatically.
  • can output to Blackmagic devices.
  • can broadcast to NDI clients.

Plays nice with Vezér

Last, but not least, it plays really nice with Vezér, out of the box. Since Vezér support of transmitting MMC and MTC, you can use one of these protocol to make them working together, but with the latest release of Vezér, there is a far better and easier way - you can do that by our in-house protocol, NMC:

And here is the tip of the iceberg: you can even copy Cues to create markers in Vezér:

You can find more info on the website where you can download the free demo, and on the documentation page. Mitti requires at least macOS 10.10.

Greetings from Hungary! :)