Mitti 1.2 released

Hi! We are happy to announce a new update for our pro video cue playback app Mitti, version 1.2.

Mitti 1.2 as a huge update with new features and various important bug fixes. Below you can find the list of the major additions.


Mitti now displays media thumbnails for Video and Still Images Cues.

Thumbnails are generated automatically, but for Video Cues you can set the thumbnail to a custom frame from the Cue menu:

Goto 10, 20, 30

Mitti 1.2 adds the possibility to jump to the last 10, 20 or 30 seconds of the Current Cue - in case the duration of the Cue allows that. This commands are available from the Cue menu, from the UI and also by OSC/UDP String commands.

Cue Time Overlays

Mitti 1.2 adds overlays to the Preview that displays both the elapsed- and the remaining Cue times. This option can be toggled from the View menu, and there are also some customisation options in the Preferences.

PDF Support

Mitti 1.2 now supports PDF files just like still images. Multi-page PDF files will be extracted to individual Cues. Source Page can be set in the Cue Preferences.

UDP String Commands

OSC Commands that not require any value like mitti/play now available as UDP String commands.

Total Run Time

Mitti 1.2 displays TRT on the title of the Main Window.

Toggle Auto-Scroll to Current Cue

Now it is possible to toggle on/off the auto-scrolling to the Current Cue feature in the View menu.

Default Duration for non-Movie Cues

Now it is possible to set a default duration - other than 2 seconds - for non-Movie (Still, Syphon, Camera, NDI) Cues in the Playlist Preferences.

Get it now!

Mitti 1.2 is a free update, so grab it while it is hot – use the built-in updater or just download the latest version from the website.

For a full list of changes so far, please check out the changelog.

Thanks to everyone for the submitted bug reports and feature requests, and also thanks for your help with testing out beta builds!