Project Showcase: LoCo Light

LED walls are the really shiny gadgets of nowadays live visuals scene and kind of instant-get thing of many clubs from small to big - not just because the brightness of that stuff, but the fancy pixelate looking of the content on it.

Artist Kir Khachaturov tried to achieve the same effect using projection mapping with a less elaborate material in his project LoCo Light, and the results are pretty impressive! After the video, Kir will tell you more about this project - even the technical parts.

About the Project

LoCo light project is an alternative solution for using a light-projection in a small areas (clubs, bars, etc.)  Projection is fully interactive, it reacts on sounds and it is controlled from mobile devices. Led-displays is usually quite expensive and complicated in use, we suggest to use light projection on egg cups (cardboard egg boxes),  this material is extremely cheap, easy in maintainance and use.

Some more technical details

Egg cups (cardboard egg boxes) is mounted on the wall and calculated 'base' for video. Generated some video footage on the 'base' in After Effects. All videos are mixed in CoGe and sync with the audio. With projector and MadMapper video projected on egg cups. Project control is performed via the TouchOSC app. Softwares used: Adobe After Effects, CoGe, MadMapper, TouchOSC"

About the artist

Kir Khachaturov:

Now im currently working as information designer in the TV channel “Russia 1" newsroom, in Moscow. My career started in 2008, in the design studio “Piligrim” (Khabarovsk), where he stayed until 2010.  That was the year Kir joined the information graphics team at the news channel “RBC”. In 2013,  a collaboration with “Vokrug Sveta” magazine and now, Russia ’1." Awards: Top-100 Russian design Awards, “KAK” magazine (2012) - Moscow The Communicator Awards 2013, distinction winner - New York The British Design & Art Direction (D&AD) 2013, yellow pencil and best of the year - London The Kantar Information is Beautiful awards - longlist - London