Mitti 1.5.3 released

Hi there! We are happy to announce a new update for our pro video cue playback app Mitti: version 1.5.3 - with a couple of interesting new features!

Enhanced Blackmagic (SDI) playout with ProRes videos

For playing out video with Blackmagic hardware Mitti needs to send data with CPU power instead of GPU power - and because of this ProRes is your best choice. We just make this even better in Mitti 1.5.3 by keeping the data on CPU side as long as it possible if you are using the BlackMagic output, enhancing playback performance in general, but especially when 4K or 8K output.

Option to turning off auto-deinterlacing

Mitti 1.5 automatically performs de-interlacing for you on interlaced videos, since even when you are using and interlaced output format on the Blackmagic output, the device expects progressive frames from us, so we need to handle that.

However, there are circumstances where you just really don't want Mitti to de-interlace your content, so we added an option to turn that off, globally: Preferences - Rendering settings.

Collect logs for offline submission

Guess this is not the feature you always wanted, but it is really important. As you usually don't have internet on your show computer, you cannot use the built-in Contact Us... feature in the feedback menu - which collects us relevant logs, system info, etc., basically everything needed to start investigation on an issue - to report a problem back to us online, but we cannot fix problems we don't know about... so we added an option to create a single .mittilogs file with all the relevant stuff, that you can send us by e-mail later and we can make Mitti even better!


For the full list of changes and fixes so far, please check out the changelog.

Get it now!

Mitti 1.5.3 is a free update for existing customers, so grab it while it is hot – use the built-in updater or just download the latest version from the website.

Thanks to everyone for the submitted bug reports and feature requests, and also thanks for your help with testing out the public beta builds!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!