Mitti 1.2.6 released

Hi! We are happy to announce a new update for our pro video cue playback app Mitti: version 1.2.6.

Although this is a minor update that mainly focusing on bug fixes, we are happy to introduce some UI/UX improvements around file handing, PDF files and a Cue TRT display!

What's new

Improved Drag & Drop from Finder

From now you can drag & drop files to creates Cue(s) on a specific Playlist location.


Added option to display Cue TRT instead of End time, and this is the default from now. Available from the View menu.

Right-click menu additions

Some command from the Edit menu like Cut, Copy, Paste and Duplicate now available from Cue's right-click menu.

Duplicate Command

Added Duplicate command to duplicate selected Cue(s), available from the Edit menu or with keyboard shortcut CMD+D.

PDF files rendering with higher quality

We make some changes on our PDF rendering engine and PDF files are rendering at higher quality now.

PageUp/Down to Jump

PageUp/Down now supported for jumping to the previous/next Cue, so presentation clickers will work too.

For the full list of changes so far, please check out the changelog.

Get it now!

Mitti 1.2.6 is a free update for existing customers, so grab it while it is hot – use the built-in updater or just download the latest version from the website.

Thanks to everyone for the submitted bug reports and feature requests, and also thanks for your help with testing out the public beta builds!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!