Vezér 1.5 released

We are proud to announce that Vezér 1.5 has been released with a lot of improvements and new features. This is the biggest update we have made since the very first Vezér, so, here comes the highlights:

Better performance, better user experience

The less fancy, but most important changes relate to the overall performance of Vezér. Projects now load up to 10x faster, which is super handy for big projects with tons of Tracks and Keyframes, while using up to 30% less CPU and up to 40% less RAM while processing Compositions.

The "Low Resolution" warning because of too much Keyframes has been removed thanks to these improvements. These changes are also improve the performance of MIDI/OSC recording!

There are also a couple UX related improvements, like selecting Tracks and Keyframes with SHIFT and CMD now works as you expect from any OS X app, pasting Tracks below the last selected Track (if there are any) and creating a new Color Keyframe will use the same color as the previous one (if there are any), as well as OSC Track addresses!

Redesigned Queue mode

The Composition Queue mode has been rewritten from the ground up, to allow you to switch, trigger or even re-order any of the Queued Compositions. Now there is a button for make the Queue mode looping and a preference to start the Queue from the current Composition.


MIDI Timecode (MTC) sending from Compositions

With Vezér 1.5 you can send MIDI Timecode from each Composition with MTC Fullframe support - and even incoming MTC Fullframe messages are handled by Vezér from this release, so, jumping on the timeline is possible either with MTC transmission and MTC syncing.

mtc send button

Grouping OSC messages

Now you can group together values of multiple OSC Value Tracks using the same OSC address with a simple syntax, and make one multi-argument OSC message from them.

Syntax of OSC grouping

Those  are the highlights, but there are, of course, a lot more: