Tutorial: Connect Vezér to MadMapper with OSC

MadMapper, the deservedly popular projection- and pixel mapping application has been updated to version 1.6 a few days ago. One of the most important new feature of the new release is the new toolset to control the app with MIDI, OSC, DMX or even joysticks. Vezér has built-in OSC presets to control some of the most important parameters of MadMapper, and here is a short video demonstration about how to connect Vezér to MadMapper using OSC - watch it, then see the notes below:


  • Vezér can auto-detect the OSC input of MadMapper
  • You can use OSC Presets in Vezér
  • You can even control MadMapper with MIDI
  • You can even use your own OSC address spaces to control MadMapper, by using the OSC "learn" function in MadMapper and sending Bangs from Vezér.

    Have fun!