Support and Website Updates

Ladies and Gentlemen, a quick Public Service Announcement!

New website section: Help

Over the past years we were using external services to serve product related documentation, but from now, everything is integrated to our website, which means better user experience and more readable documentation for you - and easier management for us.

Here we go:

E-mail changes

From the very beginning we tried use a dedicated e-mail address for every product we built to help us keep on track but at the end that did not turn out well.

So from now we are using one e-mail address to rule them all:

Of course all previously available e-mail addresses will be working - like mitti@..., vezer@..., etc. - but replies for your messages will be sent from the above address.

Website moved to HTTPS

Our entire website has now been served over HTTPS, which means better security and privacy.

As a side effect we lost all Facebook Share count on blog articles, but that is a small price to better-everything.