Project Showcase - Valley of Uncanny #01

“Valley Of Uncanny #01″ is an interactive animation with music by Zack Christ that explores the relationship between visual and musical rhythms, glitches and distortions.

See the animation here:

Vibeke Bertelsen, the creator of this project tells us more about the animation on her blog:

The animation is a part of a series of different virtual sculptures I made of human bodies and faces. Often in games and 3D art the human body is idealized into sexy or heroic archetypes but in this project the two heads are distorted and glitched in ways that create more unfamiliar expressions that sometimes dissolve into pure absctract shapes. The animation is created in WebGL using the popular library Three.js and in order to precisely control the progression of the visuals multiple tracks of keyframes are loaded into the application in order to control animation parameters in sync with the music.

More on the technical side

As you already know, to create this interactive animation Vibeke used the WebGL  Javascript API  and the Three.js 3D library too - the project also available on GitHub, so, in case you interested in this technologies, or just curious, you can check out the whole source code, which is pretty awesome! Vibeke also shared some information with me about how she used Vezér in this project:

Vezér plays a special role in this. I created several tracks in Vezér for controlling different animation parameters and I also made heavy use of the audio to keyframes method. I then exported the whole thing to XML and my finished animation created in WebGL with javascript reads this XML file and plays back the whole animation in sync with the music.

Render to XML:

Convert Audio to Keyframes:

About the artist

Vibeke Bertelsen is a visual artist based in Copenhagen who specializes in motion graphics and video projections for live music and other events. Per 2010 I am a part of the group called Obscura working full time doing large scale visuals and video installations.