Project Showcase - Prismatic by Meptik

Prismatic - the latest eye-cathcing light installation by Meptik, a really great combination of kinetics and LED lighting.

About the Project

Thanks to Nick Rivero from Meptik we have the chance to take a look behind the scenes:

The piece consists of kinetic LED prisms that move vertically up and down and change color. The colors are mapped across them in patterns that change with the positioning of the lights. We used 14 DMX controller winches to create this visual display. The piece was created for the Hambidge Art Auction in Atlanta, GA USA. 

We worked in conjunction with a local team, named The Goat Farm, who created the custom prism shapes made of Chloroplast and custom LED strip tape. Each winch travels 6m in height and supplies 24V LED dimming.

Vezér talked to the winches via an ArtNet to DMX interface. The multiple-channel mapping feature in Vezér 1.6 was a huge part of this. It allowed me to control multiple variables using one track. I had things like LED dimmers and Speed settings mapped to a single track versus using multiple tracks.

About the Artist

Meptik is an Atlanta-based production and design studio specialized in creating interactive environments that blend creativity, human interaction, and technology.