Project Showcase - Pixel

Pixel is an amazing dance performance with 11 dancers moving on the border of live and visual environment, combining poetry, fiction, hip-hop and circus with  technical prowness in a show with full of energy at the crossroads of arts, created by Adrien M / Claire B,  Mourad Merzouki, director of  Créteil CCN and Val-De-Marne / Compagnie Käfig.

The technical side

Adrien M / Claire B kindly told us a bit about the technical setup. They used eMotion to generate the visual world - eMotion is an app created by Adrien M / Claire B for creating interactions between graphical objects and real world information.

Each scene is a Composition. They are trigged via OSC from eMotion or from QLab. This allow us to be perfectly in sync with sound. We mainly vary physicals parameters (camera positions, frictions, gravity, viscosity, etc.), and trigger some cues in eMotion with the OSC Flag feature in Vezér. The other useful part was to send informations to Touch OSC on an iPad in order to have a precise report of the state of the performance. Depending on the scene, some Vezér compositions are trigged automatically by eMotion, and some are trigged by the sound with QLab.

Please visit the project's website for more information about the artists and the complete cast of the performance.