Project Showcase - L.E.TREE by L.E.G

Projection on the crown, LED lights on the bole - technology meets nature in recent installation of the L.E.G crew!

Technical details

Pretty comprehensive description of the technology behind this project from the L.E.G crew:

The turn around for this project was very quick. Boomtown contacting us just over a week before the festival gave us very little production time so everything was almost entirely done onsite. The bulk of the time was spent on the installation, we had two stacked shipping containers, one to work from, the other to house the two 21k Barco projectors. We required access to heavy machinery, diggers to level the ground, fork lifts for projectors, cherry pickers for LED’s, trench diggers for power, it was quite a lengthy process which only left us with 2 days to go, a realtime workflow was important as we were very pressed for time and still weren’t sure of what would work projected on the trees, CoGe allowed us to do just that.

For content for the projection we used QC comps loaded into CoGe and mixed them throughout the night taking note of what worked and what didn’t, to then tweek the comps. A fun one was using depth data from a Kinect and projecting our faces live onto the tree. We then recorded segments of each composition from CoGe output with syphon recorder and finally cut them together in Premiere to make a 20min loop. For the LED’s we used a similar process to create content only instead of using QC comps we used generated graphics in Modul8 as well as some After Effects animations that were then sent to Madmapper. LED wise we used 16meters of digital LED fixtures and 13 various length strips of LED tape. We use 2 universe of DMX to control the lot.

Finally playback was handled by CoGe then sent to Madmapper through Syphon, for the projection and pixel mapping.

About the artists