Mitti 1.1.2 released

Hi there! We are happy to announce a new update for our pro video cue playback app Mitti, version 1.1.2.

Mitti 1.1.2 is mainly focusing on bug fixes related to audio, NMC, a crashing bug around replacing Cues and a few other problems we got on our radar recently.

So although this is just a micro-update, there is a handy little new feature we'd like to introduce in detail below:


Mitti 1.1.2 adds an option to completely disable the Freewheel timer for MTC/LTC Timecode input.

When this option is disabled, Mitti will use Jam-Sync. Jam-Sync means whenever the incoming timecode signal considered to be lost, Mitti will switch to its internal SMPTE clock to continue playback and will automatically switch back to use the incoming timecode signal when it is available again.

When Jam-Sync is activated, Mitti's play button will show an exclamation mark (!).

This feature is useful when handling dropped MTC/LTC signals in production environment.

Get it now

For a full list of changes so far, please check out the changelog.

Thanks to everyone for the submitted bug reports and feature requests, and also thanks for your help with testing out beta builds!

Mitti 1.1.2 is a free update, so grab it while it is hot – use the built-in updater or just download the latest version from the website.