Meet your new friend: CoGe 1.5

I am very happy to finally introduce the next major update of CoGe, version 1.5. This update is focusing on stability and compatibility with OSX 10.9 Mavericks, but also presents a lot of handy new, and frequently requested features.

Updated rendering pipeline

Probably the less fancy, but on of the most important change in CoGe 1.5 is the revisited rendering pipeline. While this update focusing in stability and better use of system resources, in some circumstances you could notice some performance increasing: - LayerGroups should render a bit faster from now

  • Core Image effects may rendering faster as well, especially if you use multiple CI effects next to each other

    The downside with this change is, the outputImage output port for Quartz Composer modules do not available anymore. The default modules will be updated by the updater, most of the well known modules updated as well, but if you are using your own stuff and you used that parameter before instead of a Billboard/Sprite or something similar at the end, you should check out your modules.

Support for multi-output setups

If you have a Retina Macbook Pro with the possibility to use multiple video outputs - or you just have a Dual/TripleHead setup - then you will be pretty happy with this update: there is a new function, called Aggregate Displays in the app which can make a kind of array from output with the same resolution, and handling it as a fullscreen device. With the existing set up Mixer Modules for Dual/TripleHead rendering, or without those, you can leverage the possibility of using multiple output on your Mac.

Media Bank Presets, OSC enhancements and more


  • Media Bank Presets. Now you can save all the Banks of a ClipSynth to a preset file (.cmp).
  • Button for triggering the next or previous Media Bank on the collapsed ClipSynths
  • Use Source: menu item on buttons, so now you can trigger buttons with a Sequencer or sync to LFOs
  • Set Sliders' In/Out point by manual value
  • Defaults OSC messages for most of controls: most of the UI items now have an assigned OSC namespace after launch or gadget creation. Saves a lot of time if you want to control CoGe with OSC, like TouchOSC or Vezér.
  • Allow controlling of matrixes with OSC value of a single OSC message: right click on the matrix, and check Uses Single OSC option. Requires floats, like /matrix 3.0 -> selects the matrix 3rd item
  • Reset modules to default settings option added to modules on/off buttons right-click menu
  • High Contrast mode in addition to theme color selector
  • RAM Preload option for faster movie triggering with CoGeMovie players
  • Resync button: jumps back to the first beat when using Manual/Tap mode
  • Import from Finder option has been added to load content to Media Slots

      Of course, there are bug fixes as well!