Hi There! The very first animation made with Vezér

Vezér is still under development, and the release just delayed from May to June  - but it still 2013 :) There are still a lot of work to do with this application before it hits the prime time, but the time has come to show you something about what the software can in its current state, and not just give you a list of features on the main site.

The idea and the animation

The main idea behind this little animation was testing Vezér with a real-world example, so don't think  - me neither - this will be something really eye-blowing, but the really first thing created with the upcoming application. By the way, the test was successful, I already improved a lot on Vezér's usability during the process, oh, and yes, the video:

Not too bad, is not it? Let me explain a bit how this video was made. I used CoGe and Vezér to make the animation and the video recorded with Syphon Recorder. I created some very basic Quartz Composer patches for displaying the letters and the text at the end, and an other one for pushing a layer  off - the logo and text - and an other layer on - the text at the end. The blurs and movements was controlled from Vezér's timeline with Midi CC messages.