Contest - Create an effect for CoGe with Quartz Composer and win a license!

Hi there, Quartz Composer heads! As you may already know, CoGe has very deep Quartz Composer integration - not only just support playback of Quartz Composer composition, but you can use Quartz Composer to apply effects, mixing, doing automations, etc. You already have some own Quartz Composer stuff, but don't have a license? Here is the opportunity to win a license!

How to apply?

  1. Create an effect for CoGe with Quartz Composer which is not already exists
  2. Upload it to the forums - and creating a new topic for it - with the details about what the effect does
  3. Create a screen capture (video) about the effect and upload it to any video sharing site, including a link to the forum topic you created in the previous step
  4. Post the link of the video here, in a comment!

The deadline: 25th of April, 2013!


The prize is a CoGe user license for the creator of the effect we will find the best, hold by a beautiful designed and limited edition ornament - oh, and a CoGe T-Shirt of course!

Need some help?