Connect Vezér to your favourite VJ software

Well, have you ever thought about what are that sparkle-like buttons on Vezér's interface? Now I reveal the secret, with one word:


The Bang Button Isn't enough? Okay, let me explain that a bit more. Vezér acts likes a MIDI controller, so when you want to map a Track in Vezér to a something in your VJ app, you need to send push a button in Vezér just like a hardware MIDI controller, and that is what is this button responsible for. But you can image it could be a time-wasting task when you have a lot of Tracks in Vezér, because of the switching between Vezér and your VJ software. And here comes one of the sweetest feature is Vezér:


With the Auto-Bang button - bottom-right corner on the interface - you can turn Vezér into a special, minimized mode, where you can iterate thru all of the MIDI Control Tracks Vezér has within a defined time interval. Sounds complicated? Better to show it in action, here is a quick demo video:

  Like it? Next week will I tell you the release date of  Vezér ;)