CoGe 1.3 - extended movie playback functions

The most requested features since CoGe 1.0 released were related the movie controls, such as playback movies with audio and also rooting of the audio channels, hold/blank frame at movie's end, scratching and more. So after the 1.2.1 release, I started designing and developing a custom plugin for Quartz Composer - since CoGe plays media files through QC - which uses the QTKit and Quicktime frameworks, makes those functions working and well, implements a kind of talkback with CoGe. After spending almost one hundred hours on development, I came up with a solution, yay! In CoGe 1.3, you'll meet this new movie Player module, with the name CoGeMovie, and it has the following functions:

  • plays the audio channel of movies
  • you can select the destination audio device, ie. audio routing
  • adds a slider for view and control movies current position (playhead)
  • loop, mirrored loop functions, also no loop function with hold blank/last frame at loops end, or trigger next slot
  • start a loop from the last played position on trigger
  • stretch-from-bpm-to-bpm

    Better the see it in action:

    That's all for now guys, hope you found this useful, and wanna try it yourself tomorrow, after CoGe 1.3 will be released!