CoGe 1.1.1 and Halloween discount!

So, here we go, an other little update. CoGe 1.1.1 fixes some minor issues with project clearing, and adds feature for buttons to assign detected MIDI/OSC items from the right-click menu's just like with the sliders in the previous versions. This feature is really useful in some situation's where the standard MIDI/OSC mapping (learn) couldn't work, for example if you need to assign that messages when a lots of coming from somewhere. Read about an example with Ableton Live.

Grab it with the built-in updater - Check for Updates from the CoGe Menu - or download it manually from the download section! But that's not all! As a present with this looks-like-crazy 1.1.1 version number, me also launch a new offer, let me say Halloween Offer , which reduces CoGe pricing about 20% till November 3, midnight (GMT), 2011. Don't miss it!