VideoPong remix contest - win a CoGe license

Videopong clearly the one of the bests. Its not just a grab-free-content-and-goaway site, to download loops, you need to share some of your own - which is a pretty cool idea by the way -  you can also remix clips other users made, and its just the tip of the iceberg. Videopong also hosts remix contests  with great prices, and I'm sure its a really good creative challenge for you, the artist, because its a more profitable way to show your work, your ideas, have some new experience and win something useful than collect Likes on any social sites :) ## Here is the deal:

Remix the idea behind the Frames and Shapes clip. I say again, the idea, not the clip, then upload as many clips you like as remixes to Videopong to enter them to the contest. The only rule is: clips must be created only by using abstract/vector-ish still images with some creative "spice" like this clip. More info on how that Frames and Shapes clip  created - for inspiration - can be found at: Frames and Shapes blog post. So I happy to announce Videopong and me started a new challenge, where you can win a CoGe license.

  The the prize is a **CoGe user license**, hold by a **beautiful** designed and **limited** edition **ornament**. ![](cogeprize2013-1024x641.jpg "cogeprize2013") The contest running till the end of February, 2013,[**read more and upload your remixes here.**]( "CoGe remix contests") ## Update - we have the winner! It was a very close decision by the jury of Videopong, all the users and me - congratulations for Monsieur Nuage!