Vezér 1.3 released - Lights on!

I am very proud to let you know Vezér just reached a new milestone: version 1.3 is out know. This is a really big update, which extends the functionality of the app with Art-Net - DMX over Ethernet. This means you can control lighting gears, moving heads, robot lamps or even LED strips - and this is just the tip of the iceberg! So, please let me introduce you the most important parts of this update:

Art-Net support

Probably the greatest change of Vezér 1.3 is the Art-Net support, which makes you able to control any DMX compatible lighting and other gears over Ethernet, including robot lamps, moving heads and LED strips. There are 2 new Track types in Vezér, Art-Net Color and Art-Net Value to allow this, and a bunch of new Tools as well. A couple of friends and me made something cool at a DMX workshop - organised by ourselves for ourselves - using Vezér 1.3 and a couple of addressable LED strips, so, here are the results:

Check out the Art-Net related articles on the Vezér Knowledge Base

OSC Color Tracks

Yes, from now, you can send Color "values" with OSC too! There is a new, Color Type OSC Track, with a bunch of settings, to make this feature working with any   receiver apps.

Import MIDI and Color Swatch Files

There are two new import options as well: now you can import MIDI files or even Adobe Color Swatch files. Here are two demo videos about this functionalities, but you can also read more about this features on the Knowledge Base.

  ## and more! There are a couple of other smaller, but handy improvements as well as bug fixes - make sure you read the [changelog]( to see the whole picture.   Enjoy! :)