Vezér 1.0.2 update

I'm quite happy with the launch of Vezér. I got very good feedbacks from you in the last couple of days, also a lot of suggestions and questions - I just spent a whole day on answering all that e-mails and messages you sent! As far I know, Vezér  rocks solid for most of you guys, but there are some odd bugs which should be fixed as soon as it possible. So right after a day of the release I pushed an 1.0.1 update out to fix a stupid crashing issue, and now, just 5 days later after the launch, Vezér gets it's 2nd update - not just with important bug fixes but with some little but handy new features as well: You can check out the whole changelog, but probably these are the most important changes with this update:

  • Improved timing accuracy
  • Composition's BPM now can be controlled with MIDI and OSC
  • Invert Keyframes on both Time and Value axis
  • Fixes related to stability

    It seems not just you, but the software developers likes Vezér too - check out what the Resolume and Modul8 guys said about the application, and finally, watch some videos:

    Don't forget to update Vezér and have fun! ;)