Using a Sequencer

I was quiet for some days - busy with the upcoming 1.1 update - but now got some time, so let me talk write a bit about the Sequencer gadget in CoGe, because just got some questions about how to using it. The Sequencer is basically for triggering different Media Slots on a ClipSynth - or on more ClipSynths, since you can use the same Sequencer on multiple ClipSynths. So you can select which slots will be  triggered with the 16 trigger labeled buttons - but its not enough. So should use the Driver slider to manage the running of the sequencer. Since its a standard CoGe slider you can do it by just dragging it with the mouse, but you can control it by a Midi or OSC device, and can apply an automation on it as well. As a feature, you can user the current trigger state as a slider sync source, to put sliders to the maximum state when a slot triggers. Too much words for now - watch this little video to see how its working in action: