Switch to the Quicktime Player

Since we introduced the Native Quicktime Player in CoGe 1.5.2 that is the recommended player module for video playback. Moving toward we deprecated the good old CoGeMoviePlayer in CoGe 1.6, which means that player series no longer maintained and it has been removed from the official version. If you installed CoGe before CoGe 1.6 the players are still exists on your system, but not working anymore.

If you have some older projects using the old modules, you should switch to the new Native Quicktime Player module, which has the same functionality and not just performs much better, but even more stable.

So, how to set the new Quicktime Player as the default?

Set the Quicktime Player as default for Movie Loops You just need to go to the Preferences -> Auto Player Select and select the Quicktime Player as the default playback module for Movie Loops. That is all! But since Player settings are project related, you may need to do that will your older projects too! We know that this change could results in a little headache for you with your older projects - it was a hard decision, but it is the time to move toward...