Send content of any applications window's to CoGe via Syphoner

Do you ever have thoughts about drawing live masks, projecting a web search or just using any applications window's in CoGe?

Syphoner from Sigmasix makes this easy by leveraging the power of Syphon.

Syphoner gives the ability to share the graphical window's content of any open application and stream it in real-time, full frame, to any Syphon client application. You can browse the web or draw a vector mask in your favourite software, and display instantly the result into your VJ or projection tool app." - via Syphoner website

How to setup?

That is probably could not be easier:

  1. Launch Syphoner, and select the window you want to use
  2. Create a Syphon Source gadget in CoGe and select Syphoner as the source

Tip: you can crop the image in Syphoner to remove the window title bar.  


Processing 2.0 sketch to CoGe. Just as mentioned, open a Processing sketch, select its output window via Syphoner, create a SyphonSource in CoGe, select Syphoner, and here you go.

Pixelmator drawing to CoGe. If you missed Pixelmator you definitely need to take a look into. Its a beautiful and powerful image editing app where you can use your custom Quartz Composer effects as filters. Anyway, just do the steps mentioned above.