Say Hello for CoGe 1.4.3

Yes, its true, CoGe just reached its 20th update since it hit the prime time - so say hello to CoGe 1.4.3! Its a minor release with some important bug fixes, but contains new features for the addicts as well:

Changes Midi and OSC...

From now its possible to send custom Midi velocity for empty Media Slots when using Midi Talkback, but there are more important things, foremost: now you can control sliders in/out points with Midi and OSC. An other sweet new feature related to buttons is now you can set a threshold value for them when controlling with Midi or OSC. In other words, now you can select what Midi or OSC value will make a button turn on, super handy if you want to control a button with a fader on your Midi control not a button.

... and more!

Still not enough? Now you can use a Layer Group within a Layer Group which opens some new doors, but this release also installs one new effect (3 slices) and one new mixer (Push X). But the most important thing is, opening**a project or presets does not need a license anymore. This makes me possible to share tutorial projects and presets with people using the demo version, and makes your life easier when you cannot use your computer at a gig for whatever reason - like a hard drive crash for example, from now, its not a problem to open your project file on a computer running the demo version of CoGe. That's all, grab the new release while it's hot!**