Record your set via Syphon Recorder

In the previous post we talked about the Syphon support of CoGe. Now let me show you an other cool and free Syphon app, Syphon Recorder. Syphon recorder is a high performance real-time recording app created by the Syphon Dev Team Anton 'vade' Marini and Tom 'bangnoise' Butterworth. Ohh yes, this app allows you to record any Syphon source to a video file, or just take a single screenshot from it - and it is pretty damn fast! Using it is also pretty simple. If you started to play with CoGe and ready to record, just launch the app. First, select the Syphon source you want to record from the popup list. CoGe - Master Mixer is your main output, so if you don't want to record just a single layer select this.

Now go to Syphon Recorder app Preferences. Select the codec you want - Syphon Recorder app's help is pretty useful at this point, check it out! - the save location, and the dimensions of the record.

Thats all! Go back to the Recorder app's window, hit the Record button and minimize that window while you recording. If you are done with it, hit the Stop button and your video is ready. Pretty easy, isn't it?