Record and playback Midi in CoGe, Modul8, Resolume and VDMX

I already improved a lot on Vezér since my last post, but for now, the topic is a little presentation about a really exciting feature of Vezér: recording Midi. Thanks to the guys who came up with this idea when I posted the first screenshot about my upcoming new tool, I made Vezér capable to record and playback Midi CC messages, but wait...

How does it work?

When you hit the record button Vezér starts to listening Midi channels. If "something" happening on a Midi channel, Vezér creates a track for that Midi CC messages on that Midi channel, then placing keyframes  on the timeline whenever a new Midi message is coming on that source. This can be happening on multiple tracks at the same time. When the recording session ends, the app does a kind of normalisation by removing keyframes where the change on values was not drastic and seems like those keyframes are not really needed.

Edit: normalisation happening on the fly in the official version. But as always, its easier to show you in a quick and dirty video:

This feature needs a bit more love for sure, but it basically works. Like it? :)