ProjectMilkSpyhon - Free MilkDrop Music Visualizer

Ever felt nostalgic about the good-old Winamp-style visualizers like MilkDrop? Good news: the guys at Vidvox made a free, Syphon-enabled app based on "projectM", which is an OpenGL-based re-implementation of the class MilkDrop engine.

ProjectMilkSyphon can be used to create sound reactive visuals from an audio input to your computer such as a built-in microphone or line in **and mixed into your favorite VJ apps over Syphon."

There are a couple of options, like selecting the audio source, gain, but this little app can even trigger and fade between the hundreds of built-in visualizer presets - and its awesome!

ProjectMilkSyphon has built-in Syphon output, so you can feed CoGe by it's output pretty easily – just create a SyphonSource in CoGe, and you are ready to go!

Download free here: ProjectMilkSyphon