Project Showcase - The Strain VR by Ben Chaykin

"Air Cannons and Vibration Motors sent physical impulses to the viewers based on events in the film" - The Strain VR is a truly immersive, haptic and stereoscopic virtual reality installation debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2015.

About the Project

From the project's website:

A handful of systems, both hardware and software, work together to make the experience. The film itself was shot by Mirada, using a custom spherical cinema camera rig. That footage was stitched together, and developed to play on Samsung Gear VR (powered by Oculus). Since the Gear VR is powered by an Android mobile device, we rigged 6 of these VR systems to play in sync from one central command center. The command center was powered by Max MSP and Vezér.

Vezér, which is a customizable timeline composer, allowed us to sync events to the film. We could send these commands to a multitude of endpoints, including bluetooth modules to trigger the phones, Arduino to control our air cannons, and the ButtKickers to control seat vibration.

About the Artist

Ben Chaykin is a Seattle based Creative Director / Experience Designer. Web: