Project Showcase: Passages

Passages  is a sculpture and projection installation by Ilan Katin that draws inspiration from a section in the poem 'The Tobacco Shop' by the Portuguese writer and poet Fernando Pessoa.

The installation was commissioned and presented by Monstra Animation Festival 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. Sound design: Jasmine Guffond Producer: EYEON

The technical side

Ilan wrote a detailed post on his blog about the challenges he faced with while worked on the installation: The article provides a broad overview of the production. However he kindly provided me with more detailed information about the technical side of the installation: The lines are drawn by Processing, triggered by Vezér using MIDI. He used a Processing library called MIDIBus to trigger the sound in Ableton Live, where Vezér also controlled the levels of the “train sounds”.  

About the Artist

**Ilan Katin:**"I am an artist. I play with images, make drawings and occasionally installations."