Project Showcase - Norwell - Faerben Video Clip

It is always very interesting to see artists using live performance softwares like CoGe in the field of music videos as an addition for filmed footages, but it's not really common thing a music video created by this very conceptual way like the subject of this article, using only self-made sounds reactive materials. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the story behind the music video made by  the Vintage Digitalism crew  for Norwell's Faerben track.

The Project

In the Syncnoise project we are experimenting with video visuals. For Norwell's composition Faerben, we produced a sound reactive image that have been manipulated by our modular mixing and effects system. With the feedback phenomenon in mind, we developed a feedback system between machines  that created this particular visual world which perfectly fits to the music.We call the image produced "Signal Crystal**. The size of the image's sides are determined by the 12 band spectrum analysis. Norwell's musical motifs made using analog synthesizers, so our experiment using the same analog (video) signal layers as well. The feedbacks and effects are changing in harmony with the changes of the pulsating music. The transition of the analogous effect structures are trait of both works."

Some more technical details

For the more curious people, the project recorded thru a chain of analog devices to achieve the VHS style look and feel - awesome!

About the artists

The tasks are divided among artists. Kujbus Attila was responsible for the video abstractions, ie. the fine-tuning of the modular effects system. Csiszár Mátyás was responsible for the programming. He is a relatively experienced CoGe user: used CoGe for dance performances  and music videos as well. He has been long dealing with the compatibility of the analog and fresh technologies in media design. They are currently working on extending the Syncnoise project. The mixed-signal noise technique "sketches" are available at their blog, and they are in the process of building a  walk-in sound reactive installation, to make possible to  interactively wander in the same visual world.