Project Showcase - Music teaser videos by Jim Warrier

For creating - music - videos artists mostly using conventional tools like video editing softwares, but why not use VJ apps with the help of Vezér to do the same, but in realtime? That is what Jim Warrier did when worked on some videos for the famous record label M-nus:  using Vezér with VDMX and Quartz Composer for real time editing.

The technical side

I recently worked on some video s for the M-NUS splash page and decided to put Vezér to use for sequencing the video. Having previously used FCPX and Motion for these types of jobs i thought i would see if it possible to have a truly real time workflow. Needless to say the answer was yes it is now entirely possible to have a real time pipeline that takes motion graphics created in Quartz Composer, Sequenced via Vezér ran through VDMX for Post FX and captured with VDMX’s in built movie recorder. Not only that i was able to capture at full HD 1920 x 1080 with a solid 30 fps. This allows for a lot more on the fly experimentation.

Using Vezér for the main control of the animation i was able to hook a midi controller up to VDMX and do the Post FX in real time. Not to long a ago something like this would have proved much more difficult but with the wide availability of SSD drives and fast computers this has become my preferred way to work.

The basic set up is as follows:

  • Motion Graphics created in Quartz Composer with published parameters.
  • .QTZ files loaded into VDMX and published parameters hooked up to the Vezer timeline.
  • Midi controller for controlling layer effect in VDMX
  • VDMX in built movie recorder for real time capture."

Finally, here is an other video work Jim created for the record label:

About the artist

Jim Warrier  - aka Minuek -  is a audio visual performer based in Berlin. Has worked doing live visuals at various festivals and events around the UK since 2006. Performing Live Audio Visual with Real Time Video since 2008 working with node based creation tools. Performed with the Freecode Audio Visual collective between 2011-2012, a group of artists exploring realtime audio and video that started from a performance at the Exyzt “Burningham” installation at the 2011 Fierce Festival in Birmingham.

Part of the Brain Wash collective creating VFX for music video productions and live video for large scale events. Check out the Brain Wash Show Reel

Performs as part of the Modulate Audio Visual Collective  –

All works created with Quartz Composer, VDMX, Reaktor, Ableton.