Project showcase - mind the dots!

CoGe is almost 2 years old, and I know about a lot of artists using it recently on the stage or in their artistic projects and performances. It is the time to start featuring this projects on the blog, and the first article is about a stunning performance created by 3 talented hungarian artist: *Mind the Dots!***

The performance

Mind the Dots! is an AV performance, based on a coreography, and exploring the ways of visualazing body movement, and create abstract, organic forms from it.  Abstract forms and spaces are fully generated from live image processing and manipulated by sound. In addition some expressing body projections talks about the main character's emotions and visions.

Softwares used: Quartz Composer, Ableton Live, Apple Motion, CoGe

For the curios on the technical side, the project using 2 infrared cameras for analyzing the movement of the dancer, each camera connected to a laptop running Quartz Composer compositions and some video footage thru CoGe, and the final image mixed by a video mixer - which is in sync with the audio mixer - and projected behind and on the dancer. Pretty neat setup. The technical details Finally some screenshots of CoGe ClipSynths used in the project - tons of Quartz Composer patches with lots of published parameters. CoGe ClipSynth looks like a Starship controller Wanna control something? ## The artists

Mátyás Kálmán (Mao) has been working for’s video section as a videojournalist and documentary filmmaker since 2007 to 2012, wehere he won the Kamera Hungária award in 2008. Works as VJ and visual performer at numerous large-scale events as the founder of ExLex. Founder and coordinator of VJ Centrum Budapest, studies media design at MOME. He’s currently based in Berlin and develops cross-media or transmedia projects. Role: Creator of visual concept, co-programming, mapping, visual performing. Tamas Herczeg (Bios) is a VJ-visual artist, now living in Budapest. Previously he was designing fractal graphics, he is performing visuals in clubs since 2008, mainly working with Quartz composer and Quadrium II. He has taken part in the testing of CoGe VJ software since 2009. He won the special prize of Sziget festival at the PaintUp mapping contest as member of the 100% Paprika group. As member of the same group he was also responsible for audio analysis in CelloBeatPulse. In February 2011 he was active in the Kinect workshop held in Demo Gallery Budapest, where he joined the team of Interkom. He is also a member of VJ Centrum Budapest. Role: Quartz Composer programming, co-creator. Daniel Besnyo (Redlight) learns Moving image and media in EKTF university at Eger and he's aslo involved to film production as the director of different music videos and shorts. Works as VJ and visual performer at numerous large-scale events ExLex and co-founder and coordinator of VJ Centrum Budapest. Role: Co-creator of visual concept, music mixing, mapping, visual performing.