Project Showcase - LUX

"LUX is a project where the music and lighting work in sync to create a facility with the purpose of activate the viewer's senses, as the same equipment is meaningless without the presence of the public. With the selection of music and rhythms created with lighting,  light plays structural character shapes and creating dynamic spaces." - via Skene Studio.

The technical side

"For this project we have used basic elements of scenery, such as: trusses, moving heads, strobe, smoke machines, etc ...., which are decontextualized from his minor role in "conventional" shows, to become the true stars of the event." This project is using 8 moving heads, fog machines, strobes as well as LED Par lamps. Thanks to Alberto shared some pictures about the preparations with us.

About the Artist

Alberto Martínez Pérez: Video-creator, with extensive knowledge in the fields of design and 3D animation, video editing, VFX, interactive programming systems, stage design, lighting for shows. Experience in creation and development of multidisciplinary events and technical advice to companies in the audiovisual sector.