Project Showcase: KALEIDESCAPE A/V

KALEIDESCAPE A/V is a collaboration piece showcasing the audio visual world created by artist Azael Ferrer. The 10 foot by 4.5 foot kaleidoscope constructed by Lukas Whatwhat and James Morales inspired Azael to create the audio visual journey into the infinite. Spectators become part of the installation by steeping into the kaleidescape.

The technical side

Azael explaining both the hardware and software side very well on his website, but on this diagram you can find how he built up this complex installation:

About the Artist

Azael Ferrer is a professionally trained Lighting-Visuals Designer and Technician with 9 years experience. Theatre Background, 7 years as technical lighting and video to Canovas Theater (Malaga). Currently work as freelance and develops visual art installations, experiments with sound, light and generative graphics, and leads those experiments into the field of digital arts.