Project Showcase – Healium Decoration / Odum Live

Live dubtechno. Live, generative projection. Live LED mapping. - as the Hungary based Healium Decoration crew describes their latest A/V project and collaboration with the dubtechno producer team Odum.

About the project

The story behind this project from the pen of the Healium crew:

At the very beginning of our journey in the world of lights, we met the very talented dubtechno producers duo, Odum. Our first LED light installations were controlled directly with MIDI via a hardware, which we developed ourselves. The guys were amazed, and the idea was born: we have to collaborate. After a few years, we finally get there, and made this installation based on their live act’s MIDI output combined with our infinite mirror LED pentagons, and a widescreen, generative visual show with an amazing audience. A special warmup set was also broadcasted on RTS.FM!

We got a well-detailed description of the technical details too from the guys:

As usually, the project is based on a combination of different Quartz Composer compositions, CoGe and our own LED mapping software. This time the special task was processing the live MIDI output. We used 2 MacBook Pros, one of them received the MIDI messages via an external sound card, convert the useful ones to OSC, and send the OSC messages through WiFi to the other computer. This one ran CoGe, and a dozen of custom Quartz compositions. Our LED mapping software received the visuals via Syphon, and controlled the lights via ArtNet.



About the Artists

Our team, Healium aimed to create living light installations in space as well in time, with cutting edge visual technologies, using materials in unusual creative ways. We do not only do projection mapping, or controlling LED-s, or stage lights. We do it in a single coherent system, with ports opened for many ways of interaction (Sound analysis, Kinect, Leap motion, sensors, etc…). In addition to our own ideas, we’re opened, and always searching for any kind of collaboration.